Tim Wood Powell, MBA

My purpose:  apply Management analytics and methods to enterprise Knowledge.  Knowledge professionals are the unsung heroes of their organizations.  Chronically under-resourced and over-stretched, their value to the enterprise is far greater than generally acknowledged. I strive to correct that by aligning knowledge with enterprise goals and strategies.

Tim is an innovator and organizational catalyst in the economics and strategies of knowledge and intelligence . His books, articles, and Value of Knowledge blog address a range of opportunities for — and threats to — intellectual capital, brands, reputation, and other intangible enterprise assets.

As a Yale-trained research psychologist with an MBA, Tim has worked extensively in data analytics, business design + development, and strategic intelligence.  He is the developer of the Knowledge Value Chain®, a framework that has helped his clients to increase the ROI and value of their enterprise  knowledge and intelligence.

Tim’s fifth book, The Value of Knowledge:  The Economics of Enterprise Knowledge and Intelligence is being welcomed as “unique,” “groundbreaking,” and “essential.”  One highly-regarded KM authority says, “I don’t know of anything that covers the field so completely, economically, and elegantly.”

Photo by Leslie Hassler.

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