Tim Wood Powell, MBA

Tim Powell is a thought leader and organizational catalyst in knowledge strategy. His articles, books, and blog Competing in the Knowledge Economy address a range of opportunities for, and threats to, intellectual capital, brands, and other intangible enterprise assets.

A former research psychologist and rock musician turned MBA, Tim is the developer of the Knowledge Value Chain®, a framework for increasing the ROI and value of enterprise knowledge and intelligence.  A client’s interest in brand integrity led him to develop I-TRACK™, a work process for identifying brand equity attacks that was deployed in major CPG and pharmaceutical accounts.

Prior to founding TKA, Tim held client-facing and firm management positions at KPMG, Opinion Research Corporation, and PwC. Though much of his work has been with large organizations, he has also served on the boards of start-ups in health care and technology.  Prior to entering business, he spent six years working with nonprofits and government agencies in children’s health and public transportation.

Tim is a Senior Fellow of The Conference Board and a founding member of the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows.  He serves on the faculty of Columbia University.

Tim’s next book, The Value of Knowledge:  The Economics of Enterprise Knowledge and Intelligence, will be available in July 2020.

BA Yale College; MBA Yale School of Management.

Photo by Leslie Hassler.

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