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Some amazing facts about knowledge:

1. Knowledge is HUGE.

If the world’s Knowledge Economy were its own country, it would — at US$23 trillion — be the world’s largest. Intellectual capital assets (“knowledge”) total on average 44% of enterprise value – and much more in some industries.

2. Knowledge is STRATEGIC.

Enterprise knowledge is a sustainable source of competitive advantage. It includes internal knowledge (of people, practices, and processes) and external knowledge (of customers, markets, rivals, technologies, and trends).

3. Knowledge is OPPORTUNITY.

Most organizations fail to manage their intangible assets (including knowledge) nearly as effectively as they do their physical, financial, and human assets.  Bringing the management of knowledge up to enterprise standards represents a huge strategic opportunity for most organizations — especially in times of great change.

The Knowledge Agency® (TKA) was created in 1996 with the simple mission of optimizing knowledge as a strategic resource. We initially built on the pioneering insights of economists like Machlup, Drucker, Winter, and Porter. Since then, our consulting work with a range of clients worldwide has challenged us to develop, test, and implement our own proprietary portfolio of models, frameworks, tools, and methods.

Today, our core mission remains essentially intact — to maximize enterprise results, outcomes, and impact by systematically assessing and increasing the value and ROI of enterprise knowledge.We achieve this in two fundamental ways: 

  1. By applying the principles of business management to knowledge work, and
  2. By marshaling the knowledge resources of the organization in support of enterprise strategies.   

We’re making knowledge work.™

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