Value of Knowledge™ Coaching gets your executives and small teams up to speed quickly.

Need to pivot your value model quickly? Work through your toughest problems collaboratively with TKA's senior leadership. Conducted from your desk, conference room, or home office using Zoom video conferencing. Complete confidentiality assured, less planning required, zero bio-hazards, and less distraction from your daily workflow than with formal interventions. It's like having a personal trainer for your business career. Please note that, in order to preserve the quality of the interaction, we observe a maximum of ten client people per session.

1 Session - US$495

ONE 50-minute coaching session

10 Sessions - US$4,455 (10% discount)

TEN 50-minute coaching sessions. A brief work plan is developed prior to starting.

20 Sessions - US$7,920 (20% discount)

TWENTY 50-minute coaching sessions (your best value). A brief work plan is developed prior to starting.

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You're awash in data and information...yet not fully capturing the value from your organization's single most valuable resource -- KNOWLEDGE. We understand this...and we can help you.

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