Business Model Innovation

An information aggregator used TKA frameworks to calibrate and monetize its value proposition. This became a key element of pitch presentations to potential investors.

Executive Team Awareness

A pharma research organization used several TKA frameworks to educate their senior management and Board — knowledge users — about the process of intelligence production.

Brand Security Intelligence Dashboard

TKA developed Brand Equity @ Risk (BE@R)™, a brand security intelligence system for major CPG and pharma accounts. RESULT: more effective and efficient mitigation against counterfeits and other brand attacks.

Intelligence Flow Improvement

A global pharma company used a TKA Clinic to integrate product intelligence across R&D and sales teams. RESULT: a knowledge re-purposing that increased competitive effectiveness.

Strategic Knowledge Alignment

A global education services provider used a TKA Clinic to bring knowledge activities and assets into alignment with the overall purpose, mission, culture, and strategies of the enterprise.

Key Metrics Alignment

A major health care payor needed to ramp up their strategic knowledge functions to meet new competitive pressures. TKA developed a robust set of key metrics and targets for data capture and analysis.

Business Process Improvement

TKA helped a global information and media firm integrate knowledge metrics directly into a Six Sigma initiative. RESULT: a more efficient and effective corporate intelligence process.

Professional Development

TKA's books and clinics have been used to train executives and knowledge practitioners at Columbia University, SCIP, the SLA, and leading corporations and nonprofits.

Career Trajectory Acceleration

Practitioners in the knowledge, intelligence, and research fields tell us that applying key TKA principles has helped them focus and accelerate their career development.

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