Value of Knowledge™ Optimization (VoKO) assures that your knowledge resources are aligned to your enterprise strategies.

Each assignment is custom-designed around six interrelated workflows:

1) Supply Side Inventory

TKA inventories your current epistemic infrastructure, including core knowledge assets and activities. Data are collected through Knowledge Producer interviews, surveys, and/or internal document reviews.

2) User Requirements

TKA assesses your organization’s current and future knowledge needs. Data are collected through qualitative Knowledge User interviews and/or quantitative surveys.

3) Ecosystem Assessment

Using our Value Ecosystem Map™, TKA conducts a high-level assessment of your competitive ecosystem. We identify and assess enterprise threats, opportunities, uncertainties, and risks -- and their likely impact on knowledge requirements. Scenarios of future conditions are developed as part of this assessment.

4) Asset Mapping and Gap Analysis

TKA maps your knowledge assets and activities against current and likely future requirements of your enterprise. We identify redundancies and gaps in your current knowledge mix.

5) Assessment and Evaluation

Using the KVC Scorecard™, Knowledge Services Maturity Model™, and other proprietary metrics, TKA identifies your epistemic strengths and weaknesses.

6) Program and Roadmap

TKA recommends a program of improvements, including a phased roadmap for implementation. TKA can provide tactical implementation support and other assistance as needed.

TKA consulting initiatives can be conducted remotely.

Each assignment is custom-quoted and scheduled.  The pricing and timing vary depending on:

(1) the size and complexity of your organization, and

(2) the development stage of your existing knowledge program.

Our pricing is competitive with that of “household name” firms — and clients tell us our quality is higher and our results faster.

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