Knowledge Resources Management (KRM) assures that your knowledge resources are aligned to your enterprise strategies.

Each engagement is custom-designed around four core workflows:

1) Map

TKA inventories your current Knowledge Resources (KR), including core assets and activities. Data are collected through Knowledge Producer and User interviews, surveys, and/or internal document reviews. Key tool: KR Mapping.

2) Link

TKA aligns your Knowledge Resources (KR) with enterprise products, strategies, KPIs, and User needs. Key tool: Benefits Mapping.

3) Measure

TKA assesses the ROI of key Knowledge Resources (assets and activities), both current and anticipated. Key tool: Knowledge Value formulas.

4) Manage

TKA balances your Knowledge Resources (KR) portfolio to optimize your responsiveness to User needs. Key tool: KR triage.

TKA consulting initiatives can be conducted remotely.

Each assignment is custom-quoted and scheduled.  The pricing and timing vary depending on:

(1) the size and complexity of your organization, and

(2) the development stage of your existing knowledge program.

Our pricing is competitive with that of “household name” firms — and clients tell us our quality is higher and our results faster.

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