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Compete smarter for superior results

The Knowledge Agency® (TKA) is an independent management research and consulting firm focused on optimizing enterprise knowledge to enhance the value, ROI, and competitiveness of our clients.

TKA has served leading and emerging organizations in a range of industrieshealth care, consumer products, financial services, consulting, information and media, and government. We are known for the integrity, candor, and discretion with which we conduct our practice, and for the quality of our work processes and work products.

Our work has been been presented worldwide and discussed in a range of business media: Competitive Intelligence Magazine, Baseline, Global Finance, Consulting Ahead, Pharmaceutical Executive, The CEO Forum, Forbes, and others.

TKA's Research and Consulting services can provide immediate results to you and your organization. You'll find client use cases listed in red in the right page columns to demonstrate how TKA has solved challenges like the ones you're facing.

And keep up with our latest developments by reading our blog Competing in the Knowledge Economy.