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It is only in respect to knowledge that a business can be distinct, can therefore produce something that has a value in the market place.

PETER DRUCKER, Managing for Results

The Knowledge Agency® (TKA) is an independent management research and consulting firm focusing on knowledge-based strategies and business development. We help our clients compete effectively and successfully in the Knowledge Economy.

TKA has served leading organizations in health care, consumer products, professional and financial services, media and information, and government. We are known for the integrity, candor, and discretion with which we conduct business, and for the quality of our work process and work products.

Our work has been discussed in a range of media, including Competitive Intelligence Magazine, Baseline, Global Finance, Consulting Ahead, Pharmaceutical Executive, The CEO Forum, and Forbes.

We invite you to explore the ways in which TKA's Research and Consulting services can immediately benefit you and your organization. Be sure to see the client use cases listed in red in the right column of most pages.

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