New Market Opportunities

TKA is known for researching things that do not yet exist.  New market opportunities are our specialty, and health care is currently experiencing a wave of innovation.

Client Use Case:  Home-Based Services

For home-based services to the elderly population (home health and personal care), TKA identified and assessed market opportunities and strategic options. We examined a variety of factors, including:

  • Market drivers
  • Current and future demand
  • Current competitors
  • Entry barriers
  • Risks

We made market and revenue projections on both a macro (total US) and micro (regional target markets) basis.  A formal business case presentation was prepared for client management.

Client Use Case:  Pharmaceutical Adherence

For a start-up contract sales organization, TKA provided definition and quantification of the value proposition. These were used in sales presentations and investor offering documents. Included was a Value Model that quantifies the client cost of pharmaceutical non-adherence, as well as the projected savings resulting from our solution.

Client Use Case:  Genetic Testing

For a start-up in the genetic testing market, TKA sourced information on treatment within a specified disease categories within specified geographies.  The results supported revenue projections used in presentations to potential investors.